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getting the job done

Even the right-leaning Associated Press can’t ignore the facts: The Obama recovery is in full-swing. I’m sure it was painful to admit, but this is the title they were forced to use when the latest job numbers came out: Employers added most jobs in 3 years in March.

According to the Labor Department, employers added 162,000 jobs in March, the most in a single month since the recession began back in 2007.

For all those skeptics, Census jobs were far fewer than experts expected. There were significant gains in the fields of manufacturing, health-care, hospitality, and even construction. For all those skeptics, the revised numbers for the past couple of months were actually higher than original estimates. For all those skeptics, the average work-week increased to 34 hours from 33.9.

Bottom-line: Bush policies got us into a mess, Obama’s polices got us out of it.


good versus evil

A newcomer to this blog left an interesting comment on my post thank you, which was about the House’s passage of the health-care reform bill. Hoot Gibson writes: In the words of our Assclown VP…”I’ve just found a fucking idiot’s blog”. You Marxist freaks really do exist….

You can read it yourself, I don’t delete comments. That First Amendment thingy, ya know…

Now, I’ve always considered myself a moderate progressive. Sure, I almost always vote democratic, but I thought Bush 41 was decent enough. Anyone who listened to Obama’s campaign rhetoric must have known that he’s not the most progressive guy in Washington, by a long shot. The health-care reform bill he signed looks more like the proposals set forth by republicans in 1993, in opposition to HillaryCare.

Point is this: There are a growing number of far-right folks who see everything as either good or evil. Right or wrong. Godly or Godless. That’s not the way the real world works. Especially in politics, where compromise is an essential aspect of the game.

These far-right folks spit on people, use racist and homophobic epithets, and threaten – sometimes even commit – acts of  violence. All in the name of patriotism. All in the name of God. How the hell can they get away with that?

“God is not mocked.” – Galatians 6:7

simple math

“We are the sum-total of our experiences.” – Congressman James Clyburn, D-S.C.

thank you

To every Congressperson who voted to pass the Senate’s health-care reform bill, and then the House’s reconciliation bill, a heartfelt letter of appreciation.

You’ve stood by your convictions, against the year-long onslaught of partisan attacks. Against the year-long onslaught of lies perpetrated by moneyed interests. Against the year-long onslaught of fierce anger from seething  tea-partiers; some out of misinformation, some out of fear, some out of racism. 

Special thanks to Bart Stupak, the staunchest anti-abortion democrat on the Hill, who’s been called a baby-killer for forcing the President to sign an Executive Order insuring protections for the unborn. To Dennis Kucinich, for not allowing the good become the enemy of the perfect. To Nancy Pelosi, for her tireless leadership. And to my Representative, “blue dog” Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania, for fulfilling his promise to me, and the rest of his constituents. 

And of course, to President Obama, who accomplished what many others tried and failed to do: Reform America’s broken health-care system.

“Tonight, we answered the call of history as so many generations of Americans have before us. When faced with crisis, we did not shrink from our challenge — we overcame it. We did not avoid our responsibility — we embraced it. We did not fear our future — we shaped it.” – Barack Obama, March 21, 2010

god is love

Warning: This post contains offensive language.

America is a Christian Nation, just ask any Conservative Christian. Unless of course, that Conservative Christian opposes something that’s “mainstream”. Then America is nothing but a heathen cesspool. Christians supposedly follow the teachings of a guy named Jesus, who said, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

But Conservative Christians can’t help themselves from sticking their noses in the affairs of everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs one hundred percent. Life begins at conception, even though the law says differently. Disagree and you’re a baby-killer. Defend the country according to republican ideology, or you’re a terrorist sympathizer, which means you’re in bed with Satan. All health-care reform supporters will burn in hell forever.

Christians demonstrating against health-care reform outside Capitol Hill yesterday called Georgia Congressman John Lewis a nigger. They also called Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank a faggot. A few days ago they berated a reform supporter who suffers from Parkinson’s. The list of despicable actions by these Christians goes on and on…

As I understand it, there actually is someone who supposedly will judge us all. But according to His Word, God will judge our hearts.

I’d hate to be a Conservative Christian on Judgement Day.

the breaking point

This evening I checked out recent WordPress posts tagged Obama. I confess, I do this usually at least once a day. I like to see what others have to say, maybe leave a comment here or there.

I couldn’t.

I went back eight hours, and not only couldn’t I find one positive post, everything I saw (and there was a lot more than usual) was so over-the-top against the President, leaving any kind of response would have been futile.

What the hell ever happened to having an open mind, an honest dialog, trying to find common ground; hell, what ever happened to common sense?

Here’s just a little of what I read: Any change to America’s health-care system will utterly destroy mankind. Death-threats for anyone with a pro-Obama bumper-sticker. We should declare martial law if democrats pass any bill of any kind ever again. One guy even said he was praying Obama got what JFK got…

Enough already.