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ya gotta have heart

Grandpa¬†Bret Favre hobbled downfield, leading his Minnesota Vikings to an improbable overtime victory¬†over the Arizona Cardinals, 27-24. Hours later, the Dallas Cowboys limped off the field after being thumped by the Green Bay Packers, 45-7. It would be Wade Phillips’ last game as Dallas’ head coach. With a record of 1-7, it wasn’t much of a surprise Jerry Jones fired him.

But what’s the difference in these two games? These two teams; this year’s Vikes and ‘Boys?


It’s the most fundamental fact in sports: Whoever wants it more wins. You can talk about injuries and schedules and all that other stuff, but nothing affected the outcomes of both games more than plain, old spirit. That’s why Favre still has a job, and why Phillips no longer does.