america the beautiful

Bullied, battered, and bruised, America shines on. She’s weathered too many storms to simply give in to the persistent negativity of a screaming minority whose only wish is to tear her down. She put her career on the line when she marched alongside the writers three years ago. She was excoriated by political pundits on both sides of the aisle over her strong support for Hillary. She took a big hit by social conservatives for tackling racism, homophobia, and the issue of illegal immigration on a show they had to create a brand new category for. She’s received critical acclaim for everything she’s done on both the small and the big screen. And she’s only twenty-five.

Tonight, the trademark braces come off, and we see Betty in a new light. While Ugly Betty winds down its run, I hope viewers will savor these last few moments. The show that brought dramedy, and frenemy into the living rooms of millions of ardent fans has been cancelled by the geniuses at ABC, after finally finding an appropriate time-slot, on the third try.

Ratings were always problem with the show. Most American hits make tons of money overseas. But when Betty la Fea hit American TV, many countries already had their own versions of the show. And after her extremely uncomfortable interview with David Letterman, when he ogled her like some creepy old pervert, America never felt at ease doing the late night shows.

So one of the best shows in recent memory is on its farewell tour. The laughs and tears will end. But America’s future is brighter than ever.


2 responses to “america the beautiful

  1. Kate March 24, 2010 at 11:31 am

    I was so upset when I heard Ugly Betty was being canceled. I can think of handfuls of other shows that are inferior to Ugly Betty and should go off the air before it does. It makes me wonder, once again, if the people who control what makes it on the air (and stays there) actually watch television.

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