land of the free

Escher could not unravel the complex conundrum of our Consitutional inconsistencies, apparently approaching epic egregiousness. Jefferson might have concluded all men are created equal, but that axiom does not include women; more importantly, the concept ends at conception. Once born, an entirely different set of rules apply.

Take 18-year-old criminal Constance McMillen of Itawamba County, Mississippi. Her crime? Being born a lesbian. She created a firestorm by suing her school, with the help of the ACLU, for cancelling their prom, over McMillen’s choice of a date. While an eerily similar situation recently was adjudicated in favor of the minority’s interest in Toronto, America is a different story. Southside Baptist Church Pastor Bobby Crenshaw stated the obvious:  “A lot more people here have biblically based values.”

The ACLU also recently jumped to the defense of 28-year-old criminal Air Force Sergeant Jene Newsome. She had the audacity to hope she could serve her country even though she was born a lesbian, by simply following Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Police officers in Rapid City, South Dakota weren’t buying it. When a search of Newsome’s residence uncovered an Iowa marriage certificate issued to two women, the valiant lawmen had no choice but to run to McMillan’s bosses and report her heinous crime. Since twenty percent of DADT violations are reported by third parties, it was perfectly okay to kick out the nine-year veteran.

Perhaps when American students read their updated textbooks next fall, the next generation will be better prepared to live in American society. The historical changes approved of by the Texas State Board of Education will affect schoolchildren across our great land, since nearly all textbook publishers are based in the Lone Star State. Our future promises to be a nightmare for a few criminal, powerless minorities – but a dream come true for rich powerful straight old white men everywhere.

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